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Floor Finishing Products - Waterborne

Basic Coatings

Street Shoe
For over 17 years, in application after application, Basic StreetShoe has proven itself to be the world's best water based commercial wood floor coating! When it comes to beauty, durability, reliability and efficiency, nothing else even comes close. That's why we can back it with a five year warranty on residential wood floor applications. Ask your distributor for details. And discover how worry-free Basic can be.

Street Shoe XL
Basic introduces a new technology in water based finishes. The new StreetShoe XL system is easier to apply and it's the toughest, most chemical resistant and faster curing finish on the market. Streetshoe XL combines the superior properties in StreetShoe with the improved application characteristics of our XL Catalyst. Only Basic offers a water based finish in four sheens that can be applied in all environments - commercial, sports and residential.


Hydroline Wood Floor Sealer is a VOC compliant, water-based penetrating sealer formulated for use with Basic Coatings water-based finishes.

Emulsion is a self-sealing, oxidatively cross-linked urethane system. Designed for use in a variety of wood floor applications, Emulsion adds a rich amber color much like an oil, fast dry times and good application properties. Emulsion may be applied using Basic’s Applicator, synthetic lamb’s wool applicator or a paint pad.
Akzo Nobel Coatings

Synteko Best
Synteko Best is a two-component, water-based, low-odor hardwood floor finish for use in high traffic and commercial areas. Synteko Best comes in three gloss levels: Matte 1643, Semi-Gloss 1644, and Gloss 1645. Synteko Best gives maximum resistance to wear, scratching, scuffing, marring and chemicals. It is therefore ideal for surfaces subjected to unusually heavy wear. Synteko Best can be used on untreated or previously finished surfaces. Oily and resinous wood species such as teak should be coated as soon as possible after machine sanding.

Synteko Extra
Synteko Extra is a one-component, water-based low-odor finish for hardwood floors in residential and commercial areas. It can be used on untreated or previously finished surfaces. Synteko Extra gives high resistance to wear, scratching, scuffing, marring and chemicals, and is therefore ideal for surfaces subjected to heavy wear. Available in three sheen levels: 1609 matte, 1610 semi-gloss and 1611 gloss.