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Floor Finishing Products

Job-site or Factory Finished

You should decide if you prefer a finish that is applied on the job-site, or a flooring product that is finished at the factory.

If you choose acrylic impregnated, you need not consider these options, because acrylic impregnated is ALWAYS finished in the factory. If you choose a solid or laminated/engineered product, the following are the pros and cons of each of your options.

Job-site Finish

A job-site finish is applied at the place of the installation. There are several different types of finishes available and, when you choose a job-site finish, they are probably all available.
Most wood flooring products are unfinished, and some laminated/engineered products are available unfinished.

Choosing the type of finish to be applied to your floor on-site gives you the choice of what type of shine you prefer, as well as the effect the color of the product will have on your floor. A wide range of stains are available for use on a floor that will be finished on-site, giving you unlimited possibilities for customizing your floor's color. However, sanding and finishing on-site does create dust and noise from the equipment, and there is a dry time during which you will be unable to use that particular room.


A prefinished floor is one on which the finish is applied at the factory. Most (but not all) laminated products are prefinished, and some solid products are available prefinished. Several finish options are available in prefinished products, including ultraviolet cured urethane, water-based urethane, moist-cured urethane, and seal and wax. You should consult your wood flooring professional as to which finishes are available on the product of your choice.